Static Website

Appernetic theme showcase gallery

The theme showcase gallery is ready! Now you can browse the gallery and install a theme just by clicking on it. This is the themes listed at Hugo Theme Showcase. Aggregated meta information We automatically aggregate and build a JSON file each week that contains the extracted meta information from each of the 86 themes. I also check if each theme has an exampleSite folder and a config.toml file and if they have we give them a star in the frontend.

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How to set up a static Hugo website on GitHub pages in 2 minutes

A static website is fast and secure but it is not easy to start a new blog or website if you don’t know a lot of commands, tools and also how to install them.

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Collaborating and working with hugo themes

If you just have set up your Appernetic account you need to add a theme. The easiest way is to clone a theme which you can do from the drop down button beside the blue Preview button to the right.

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