Now you can sign in with twitter, facebook, github or your e-mail!

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Static website service update!

After users having expressed concerns about privacy we contemplated the implications over the weekend what impact it would have to add a custom sign up and log in with e-mail and a user-generated password to the static website service.

Appernetic Static website Generator with e-mail sign up, Twitter, Facebook and GitHub sign in!

For us and the service there is the problem with:

  • Users that are not verified signing up
  • Maintaining a user database
  • Users that are not following GitHub Pages policy
  • Sending out verification e-mail to users
  • Developing and testing

Everything has a cost. In the end, we decided to implement it with Auth0 and it was liberatingly simple to implement. No server side or client side development and the time-consuming testing and then gulp minifying and annotation.

Just flip a switch in the auth0 dashboard.

Sign in with your E-mail, Twitter, Facebook and GitHub. Enjoy folks!

UPDATE (28052016): I have just removed Twitter user sign-in. It was an easy decision. Twitter users had no email in their meta info and was lagging behind in the interwebs, and behaved inconsistently. Also, I had no Twitter freemium or paying users and I had exceeded Auth0’s social connection limits anyway. #contentmanagement