Minor enhancements and fixes

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Appernetic Service website preview enhancements

Site preview fixes and enhancements

There was a case of a very sticky cache and this doesn’t work well if you immediately would want to check changes. Site preview has also been moved to its own subdomain: preview.appernetic.io, and now it is also possible to view the site preview if you are not signed in, so it is easier to share the URL and collaborate.

If you are experiencing problems such as site preview URL goes to a page that does not exist, try clearing the cache in your browser.

Add a .gitignore to your theme repo

The bug we reported last week wasn’t a bug. When you delete a theme, we have git delete everything, and it doesn’t delete dot files. The fix is to add a .gitignore file to your theme repo and exclude files such as .DS_Store.

This is how it can be done:


That’s all for now, happy static blogging :-)